The Very Ineffective Haunted House & Other Strange & Stupid Stories

The Very Ineffective Haunted House & Other Strange & Stupid Stories


Strange & Stupid Stories by the author of Shatnerquake, Jeff Burk. We promise, they are strange & stupid.

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The Very Ineffective Haunted House

There’s something about people who are failures but refuse to ever give up that I find charming. The idea of someone who is terrible at something but still keeps trying despite the fact that any rational person would have given up long ago is inspiring to me. I know a lot of artists and writers look positively upon their art but I never feel that way about my stories, I can only see their faults but other people seem to like them so I keep writing them. This is another one of those stupid stories and it’s about failure and just leaning into that failure.

But instead of it being about a writer who drinks too much and plays with cats all the time it’s about a haunted house who only wanted to be an artist.



"Like Lloyd Kaufman and Sam Raimi's mutant offspring."

-Wil Wheaton


"If Chuck Klosterman raised a child on Jack Kerouac, Star Trek and comic books, that kid would be Jeff Burk. Original stuff that is sure to turn heads for fans of any literary genres."

-MC Lars


"Jeff Burk writes some awesome shit. Just read it."

-Carlton Mellick III


"Jeff Burk watches too much TV."

-Chester Knebel, head animator for SUPERJAIL Season 1.


"Reminiscent of a modern William Faulkner."

-Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger