If You Died Tomorrow I Would Eat Your Corpse

If You Died Tomorrow I Would Eat Your Corpse

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Poems of the Erotic, the Romantic, the Violent, and the Grotesque

“Wrath James White's poems are red and wet love songs to a pillory, set to the beat of a flogging whip--the kind of sweet nothings Barker's Cenobites would whisper. If You Died Tomorrow I Would Eat Your Corpse is full of "blood and sex and viscera." There are no safe words here.”

Bracken MacLeod, author of 13 VIEWS OF THE SUICIDE WOODS and the Bram Stoker Award nominated novel, STRANDED.


"An exquisite collection exploring the lubricious carnality of love, lust, and the nightmarish pleasure of being human."

Jessica McHugh, author of The Train Derails in Boston


"It will leave you raw and dripping."

Amber Fallon, author of The Warblers


“You should know what you’re getting into with this one. If Bataille had had an Instagram, if de Sade had met Clive Barker at a bus stop and gone back to his place. If you think art is not about making friends and Love is not about coming home alive, this is a book for you. It makes no excuses or pretensions. It wants to shock you, and guess what: it does. But at the bottom of all that blood, there’s a tenderness.”

Cooper Wilhelm, author of Dumbheart/Stupidface