Drew Chial - He Has Many Names

Drew Chial - He Has Many Names


When struggling author and paranormal podcaster Noelle Blackwood gets the opportunity of a lifetime to ghostwrite for a bestselling thriller author for a large sum of money, it seems almost too good to be true. The only catch is that she has to stay at The Oralia hotel until she is done. Method becomes madness as she falls deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of her own story and the demons it awakens. He Has Many Names by Drew Chial is a fresh spin on the Faustian bargain, a deal with the devil story in the age of artistic desperation.

“If Clive Barker and Brian Keene wrote a book in one creepy ass hotel!”
-Jeff Burk, Head Editor of Deadite Press

“A love letter to Stephen King and Satan from a new and exciting voice in horror.”
-Christoph Paul, Author of Horror Film Poems

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