David Agranoff - Goddamn Killing Machines (PREORDER)

David Agranoff - Goddamn Killing Machines (PREORDER)


Mercenaries, War Criminals, Interstellar Travelers ... Killing Machines

Nick Jarvis thought he had escaped the life of violence. He and his squad of mercenaries; the notorious Goddamn Killing Machines, were wanted for war crimes on multiple planets.

After building a new life in the ruins of Earth, he had happily settled into being a father and husband.

 But the U.N. needs the Killing Machines for one last dangerous mission. The choice is simple for Jarvis: rot in virtual reality prison or roll the dice on a mission cloaked in secrecy, for a full pardon. As the blood flows and the mission unfolds, Jarvis uncovers a truth that challenges his grip on sanity.

 From the author of Punk Rock Ghost Story, Ring of Fire, and Co-host of the Dickheads PKD podcast comes a military science fiction adventure that puts the very nature of survival and reality in its crosshairs.

Ships in October

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