S.T. Cartledge - Pixel Boy in Poetry World (preorder)

S.T. Cartledge - Pixel Boy in Poetry World (preorder)


Pixel Boy in Poetry World tells the story of a common hero thrust into a world beyond his intended creation. As he attempts to understand how or why he's come to exist in Poetry World, the world itself begins to shift and distort in ways that defy any console, game, or pixelled reality.

 "Evocative imagery. It’s a lyrical whirlwind that’s as emotionally bombastic as it is flourishing in the creativity of an inspired madness that’s both breathtaking and a blast to suck in.”

- Peter Tieryas, author of United States of Japan and Mecha Samurai Empire

“A beautiful and haunting chapbook-sized collection of poetry that manages to be both terse and full. Cartledge’s ability really shines when he’s chewing the scenery, creating fireworks with a few well-placed words. And in that gaping wound is where he injects the heart; the soul of each poem, festering in the bloody gaps.”

- Danger Slater, author of He Digs A Hole and I Will Rot Without You


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