S.T. Cartledge - Pixel Boy in Poetry World

S.T. Cartledge - Pixel Boy in Poetry World


Pixel Boy in Poetry World tells the story of a common hero thrust into a world beyond his intended creation. As he attempts to understand how or why he's come to exist in Poetry World, the world itself begins to shift and distort in ways that defy any console, game, or pixelled reality.

"Pixel Boy in Poetry Land reads like the love child of Gibson’s Neuromancer and Brautigan’s In Watermelon Sugar. It is simultaneously an ode to 8-bit video games and Basho, and somehow they complement each other beautifully. Cartledge’s poetry collection is highly recommended for fans of haiku and free verse, Japanese culture and video game fanatics alike."

–Andrew J. Stone, author of All Hail the House Gods and The Mortuary Monster

“S.T. Cartledge's Pixel Boy in Poetry World seeks to understand the new poet's place in literary history and the modern world, deftly invoking nightmarish images and surreal loneliness in a quest to belong. By contrast the second book, It's Always Raining Bosho In My Mind, explores a facsimile of an ancient and beautiful Japan that may exist solely in the author's mind. With this collection Cartledge shows he more than has a place, he has a great future too.”

— Madeleine Swann, author of Rainbows Suck and Fortune Box

"Written like a mosaic of video game sprites, Pixel Boy in Poetry World contains all of S.T. Cartledge's gloomy wonder turbo-charged with electric grace. Powerfully unique."

— David Barbee, author of A Town Called Suckhole and Jimbo Yojimbo

“Steeped in modern themes such as obsolescence and digital anomie, Pixel Boy in Poetry World is not only relevant, but timeless. The 8-bit Pixel Boy—trapped in a 4k world—is all of us, and contained within the narrative arc is an allegory of both what brought the digital world into existence and what may someday snuff it out. It is a collection that conflates natural and synthetic evolution with unparalleled stylistic finesse. It is one of Cartledge’s strongest works to date.”

—Kirk Jones, author of Fuck Happiness and Masturbatory Entropy

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