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Autumn Christian’s

third novel is a dark journey of self-discovery. An existential labyrinth of love, sex, and self-actualization where the only way out is through.

When high schooler Beverly Sykes finally has sex, her whole life changes. She feels an explosion inside of her that feels like her DNA is being rearranged, and she discovers a strange power within.


Nightmares in Ecstasy

is a collection of thirteen stories of surreal body horror. Within its pages, the line between eroticism and terror, desire and death, is blurred. Damaged souls hurtle, as if in a dream, toward mutilation, transformation and fates worse than death. It is literary hardcore fiction for fans of David Cronenberg, Junji Ito, and Clive Barker.

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Reporters and sociologists

occasionally make headlines by going “undercover” in the working class economy, taking low-paying jobs and “trying to survive.” The results are almost always (unintentionally) laughable. Kaleita doesn’t need to go undercover to report from the front lines, though. She’s been living there her entire life. There’s a raw authenticity to her voice. Her writing is unpretentious yet inventive, riddled with a healthy dose of black humor...If I were her manager, I would fire her on the spot after reading this book. Not because she’s a lawsuit waiting to happen—she might be—but because This Book Is Brought To You By My Student Loans makes it clear the job she’s most qualified for is being a writer.

— Andrew Shaffer, author of Hope Never Dies: An Obama Biden Mystery

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4 novellas of African horror and speculative fiction


There’s a village that lies in the shade of a giant tree. Humanitarian Dr. Salio discovers that the children living there need assistance and to be studied, but is there any cure for when tradition and horror are one and the same?

The Whores, The Dealer and The Diamond

The most beautiful things are found in the darkest of places, just as hope is found in the darkest of moments. Sometimes darkness overcomes them all.

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A group of American teens visiting Israel have awakened an ancient curse…

Now a mummy walks among them, slaughtering and dismembering them one by one to make himself whole again.

The lead detective on the case scrambles for clues to stop the killings while trying to prevent the gruesome details of the investigation from reaching the public and becoming just another crazed conspiracy theory. Can he put an end to the mummy's killing spree before it's too late or will the land of Canaan be permanently stained red with blood?


Big Bruiser Dope Boy

is a poetry legend. Your First Real Boyfriend & Other Poems is a killer book. I loved it. Our very own Genet is alive and well and he's ready to steal your shit."

—Scott McClanahan, author of The Sarah Book

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Monique Quintana

has manifested a colorful, strange, and enchanting alchemy within the borders of Cenote City. Cenote City is cinematic, tender, and a ravishing read. This novella is vibrant, fun, and at times, heart-breaking. Quintana has written a gothic fairytale for Brown girls everywhere with an unapologetic booming heart.

-Rios de la Luz, author of Itzá & The Pulse Between the Dimensions and the Desert

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After reading this book please bring this tome back to your local library. Seriously!

This is an extremely important book and if you do not bring this book back, you risk letting out a chaos magick spell that will destroy the world, as beasts bring destruction to life itself. That includes bunnies. Do you really want to face killer bunnies, and don't think Charlize Theron will save you. She won’t! So read this extremely important horror book and then bring it back, and also don’t look at Internet porn at your local library, it’s rude and attracts succubi!

CLASH Books Librarian

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A scorching anthem

of what it means to be a young girl in a small town—the dreams that save us and the realities that pull us under. Alive with longing and the desire to break free.

—Mona Awad, Author of Bunny (Viking) and

13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl (Penguin)

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Poems of the Erotic, the Romantic, the Violent, and the Grotesque

“Wrath James White's poems are red and wet love songs to a pillory, set to the beat of a flogging whip--the kind of sweet nothings Barker's Cenobites would whisper. If You Died Tomorrow I Would Eat Your Corpse is full of "blood and sex and viscera." There are no safe words here.”

Bracken MacLeod, author of 13 VIEWS OF THE SUICIDE WOODS and the Bram Stoker Award nominated novel, STRANDED.

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Sightseeing is a tale of lust and art set in Paris

“A mystery woman lures a willing stranger into a fantasy world where time is fluid, and art informs life. With its noir intrigue reminiscent of French new age cinema and its masterful prose, this remarkable novella will keep you guessing.”

—Alexis Rhome Fancher, author of Enter Here and Junkie Wife

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Sylvia Plath & Lana Del Rey

course through the veins of these dark, sexy, mind-bending, fantastical, romantic, & haunting tales. Authors from different genres came together in their love & passion for these muses.


Mercenaries, War Criminals, Interstellar Travelers ... Killing Machines

Nick Jarvis thought he had escaped the life of violence. He and his squad of mercenaries; the notorious Goddamn Killing Machines, were wanted for war crimes on multiple planets.

After building a new life in the ruins of Earth, he had happily settled into being a father and husband.

But the U.N. needs the Killing Machines for one last dangerous mission.

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We’ve been hearing forever that Punk is Dead.

And zombies stories are even deader. ZOMBIE PUNKS, FUCK OFF is here to show that is bullshit. Within these pages are a touring Christian Punk band run afoul of a horde of living dead, a group of zombie-infected anarcho-punks staging a revolution in London, Hank William’s far-distant great-grandson struggling against the restraints of universal fame, and guitars that gently eat.

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Strange & Stupid Stories by the author of Shatnerquake, Jeff Burk.

We promise, they are strange & stupid.

"Like Lloyd Kaufman and Sam Raimi's mutant offspring."

-Wil Wheaton

"If Chuck Klosterman raised a child on Jack Kerouac, Star Trek and comic books, that kid would be Jeff Burk. Original stuff that is sure to turn heads for fans of any literary genres."

-MC Lars

"Jeff Burk writes some awesome shit. Just read it."

-Carlton Mellick III

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Anna Suarez’s debut collection

explores themes of love, loss, sex work, and abuse. Anna Suarez utilizes folklore and myths to explore who Papi is and what he means to her. Her poetry is a friend, lover, and confessional narrative celebrating the cathartic power of desire and the self.

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CLASH brings together non-fiction, poetry, and fiction spanning different genres, perspectives, and unique voices

including: Autumn Christian, Sam Pink, Daniel Knauf, Gabino Iglesias, Lisa Marie Basile, Stephanie Wytovich, Madeline Swann, Christoph Paul, Joanna C. Valente, Jayaprakash Satyamurthy, Danger Slater, Loren Kleinman, Charles Austin Muir, Ashley Inguanta, Brian Alan Ellis, Monique Quintana, Sam Richard, Stephanie Valente, Leza Cantoral, B. Diehl, Emily Paskevics, Maxwell Bauman, Kat Giordano, and Joel Amat Güell.

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This most important short story collection of the 21st century.

David Foster Wallace’s Footnotes F’D Me In The Butt is a story of love, embracing sexy brains in all forms & sizes, & self-realization, complete with footnotes. The stories in this collection are full of humanity, Gnostic Enlightenment, & can very well lead to Spiritual Singularity.

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When struggling author and paranormal podcaster Noelle Blackwood

gets the opportunity of a lifetime to ghostwrite for a bestselling thriller author for a large sum of money, it seems almost too good to be true. The only catch is that she has to stay at The Oralia hotel until she is done. Method becomes madness as she falls deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of her own story and the demons it awakens.

trash panda book.jpg

Trash Panda is probably the least pretentious poetry book I've ever read.

I think it should be taught in prestigious universities and that everyone should wear a panda head while reading it. This book is a self-aware disaster. 5/5 stars.

—B. Diehl, author of Zeller's Alley & Ballpoint Penitentiary

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A love letter to horror films

where poems are the paragraphs with gorgeous art by Joel Amat Güell.

"Christoph Paul wants literature to be fun and with his horror film poems, he does what he does best; take a giant novelty sledgehammer to pretension and break down the flimsy fake boundaries between junk food and so called literature"

— Garrett Cook, author of A God of Hungry Walls

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Christoph Paul might be our generation's patron saint of crass.

Charming, funny, and perverse, A Confederacy of Hot Dogs will have you pissing yourself and feeling warm fuzzies in equal measure. Read it, and set it down, and whisper to yourself, "I love you, YOU F&#K.

- Brian Allen Carr, author of Sip and Short Bus

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Creator of the YouTube channel and persona—Vernaculis

Justin Little has brought his acerbic wit and engaging storytelling to print. His collection of journalism, literary and cultural criticism, and opinion pieces show why he has emerged as an original new voice of New Journalism for the modern indefinable age.

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Maxwell Bauman is equal parts joke teller and doomsday prophet

and his stories transform the somber and ancient religion of Judaism into a bizarro sideshow of death and fire and very dignified giggling. Basically, he's a real mensch."

—David W. Barbee, author of A Town Called Suckhole and The Night's Neon Fangs


De Sandra creates a world that plays with edible men,

female anatomy, and misandry. This is the giantess fetish at its most lurid and comical, while quietly illustrating the poignant isolation of divided gender.”

—Devora Gray, Author of Human Furniture and the Quest for the Perfect Woman

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I'm From Nowhere

follows Claire as she mourns the sudden death of her husband and comes to terms with the fact of being a woman without a child, a job, a husband, or agency. She confronts a dying planet and an emerging sense of self. Is it possible for a woman to reclaim her life and set its terms without succumbing to suicide or submission?